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2014-2015 Reinsurance Program Completed
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About St. Johns

Financial Information

St. Johns Insurance Company files the following Statutory Financial Statement with the Office of Insurance Regulation on a quarterly basis.

St. Johns Insurance Company, Inc.
Statutory Balance Sheet
As of March 31, 2017

Admitted Assets
Cash and Invested Assets:
Fixed income securities, at amortized cost $91,243,035
Short-term investments 985,332
Cash 17,343,766
Total Cash and Invested Assets 109,572,133
Accrued investment income 680,947
Premium and agents balances receivable 8,429,420
Reinsurance recoverable on paid losses 17,698,578
Property and equipment, net 75,098
Current income taxes recoverable 3,341,262
Deferred income tax assets, net of valuation allowance 2,765,800
Total Admitted Assets $142,563,238
Liabilities and Policyholders' Surplus
Losses and loss adjustment expense reserves, net $15,412,463
Unearned premiums, net 38,447,249
Reinsurance payable 15,403,592
Accounts payable, commissions, and accrued expenses 22,405,307
Total Liabilities 91,668,611
Capital and Policyholders' Surplus
Capital stock 1,500,000
Surplus debentures 11,176,471
Additional paid in capital 92,215,000
Unassigned funds (53,996,844)
Total Capital and Policyholders' Surplus 50,894,627
Total Liabilities and Policyholders' Surplus $142,563,238

Financial Information (PDF)