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How to Report and Prepare a Claim

Claims can be reported by any of the following methods:
Call: 877.748.2059
Fax: 877.858.8920
Contact your agent

If you experience a claim please attempt to make reasonable steps to protect property from further damage until a claims adjuster can contact you. We will pay the reasonable cost incurred by you for the necessary measures taken solely to protect covered property that is damaged by a covered cause of loss. Keep receipts and document all work that is done on the property due to the loss. If you experience additional damages, please report these damages to your claims adjuster in a timely manner.

Begin making an inventory of damaged personal property which would include food, clothing, carpet and furniture. If the damage from a covered loss makes your residence not fit to live in, we will pay any necessary increase in living expenses incurred by you so that you can maintain your normal standard of living. Please save receipts for additional living expenses.

Should you have water in the house please turn the water off and contact a plumber. Please contact a water extraction company and have the water removed from the house as soon as possible. Remove any wet padding. Contact your claims representative should you need a name of a qualified emergency services company.

Once reported, be sure to take the following steps to protect your home and family from further damage:

  • Take pictures of all damages as soon as possible.
  • Make temporary repairs and save receipts for any materials that you purchase. Don't make extensive repairs until our adjuster has been out to inspect your property.
  • Begin making a list of personal property that is damaged.
  • If your residence is not fit to live in, save all receipts associated with the additional living expenses incurred.
  • If you experience additional damage, report it to your claims adjuster.