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Identity Fraud Expense Coverage

Is your peace of mind worth $25 a year?

Did you know identity theft is the fastest growing crime in the United States? The statistics are staggering and getting worse. In the past year alone millions of people have had their identities stolen, or made public due to a corporate data breach, thus costing individuals and businesses billions of dollars.

Should you fall victim to this crime, St. Johns Insurance Company has a program available that provides Identity Theft Expense Coverage with an Identity Recovery Program that will aid in the recovery process for you.

Program Services include:

  • "ID Recovery Kit ™" sent via overnight delivery in the event of a loss, with all of the necessary forms completed and ready for signatures. You need only to follow the instructions, notarize the forms and obtain a police report.
  • St. Johns’ Service Provider performs 100% of the recovery process for you. In the majority of cases their representatives can reduce the ID Recovery process down to hours, rather than six to nine months, or more, it will take you to try to do this on your

ID Theft Expense Reimbursement Coverage includes:

  • $25,000 limit for expenses as a result of the theft of your identity, and ID Fraud
  • Lost wages: For time taken from work up to a maximum of $1,000 per week for a period of five weeks
  • Loan application Fees: Fees for reapplying for a loan
  • Legal fees
    • Retaining the services of an attorney (with prior company consent)
    • Defense of lawsuits brought against you as a result of ID Fraud
    • The removal of any criminal or civil judgment wrongfully entered against you.
    • Challenging the accuracy of completeness of any information in a Credit Report

Expenses also include the following charges: Notary, certified mail, and telephone.